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This product includes 60 days access to interactive OMG UML2 (OCUP 2) - Foundation Exam (OMG-OCUP2-FOUND100) Practice Questions.

These are not exam dumps. These are practice questions prepared by the co-author of UML 2 Foundation exam questions.

We do not want to cheat but do our best to prepare you for the exam in the best possible way. Because of that we have created an interactive quiz platform based on Moodle including 180 items mimicking real exam questions divided into sections 7 sections:

  • Module 1. Why We Model
  • Module 2. Activity Diagram
  • Module 3. Use Case Diagram
  • Module 4. Class, Object and Package Diagrams
  • Module 5. Sequence Diagram
  • Module 6. State Machine Diagram
  • Module 7. Mock Exam

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Price: €200

UML 2 Foundation / OCUP 2 Foundation / OMG-OCUP2-FOUND100 Exam Overview

Exam Series Code OMG-OCUP2-FOUND100
Exam Duration 120 minutes in native English-speaking countries and 150 minutes in all others.
Note: When scheduling your exam in a non-native English-speaking country, you will not see this extra time until you complete your exam order.
Exam Fee US$350 (or local equivalent)
Number of Questions 90 single-choice test questions
Exam Pass Score >=60 of 90 questions answered correctly (>=67%)
Exam Prerequisite(s) none
Exam Language English only
Ways of passing the exam Pearson VUE testing centers or online
How to register for an OMG exam
How to buy OMG exam vouchers
Badges/Certificates Credly digital badge
Certification Expiration Your certification expires 5 years from the date you passed your exam.
The same or a higher-level certification must be taken prior to the previous certification’s expiration date to extend your certification

Customer Reviews

Filip is the best trainer that I have ever met. I had the pleasure to take 2 courses and both have finished with getting OMG certificate.

I am astonished and dazzled with his professionalism. The courses were absorbing full of interesting examples, every minute was used.

He is in a class of its own. I recommend this guy everyone.
Ilona Grulich
Ilona Grulich
Senior System Analyst
Filip is an amazing and focused trainer. I think the course I had with him about OMG UML Advanced was really useful and effective, beyond my expectations. I would not have achieved the certification without him.

The course was targeted and focused on passing an advanced level exam with a very large program, whose teaching material was really difficult to find.

I would recommend him to anyone as a trainer.
Andrea Annibali
Andrea Annibali
Engagement Manager
I participated in a training course preparing me to pass the OMG UML 2 (OCUP2) Foundation exam.

In addition to a huge dose of knowledge imparted in a professional manner, an invaluable advantage of training with Filip is the materials provided for study. This made it very easy for me to prepare for the exam.

I found the training with Filip and the training on the platform with quizzes to be the best way to prepare for the exam.
Marta Kucała-Wierus
Marta Kucała-Wierus
GIS Analyst
Filip's expertise in the area of UML and BPMN is second to none and has proven to be invaluable in order to achieve OMG Certified UML Professional (OCUP2) at Advanced level and OMG Certified Expert in BPMN (OCEB2) at the Business Advanced level.

Both endeavors required passing in total 6 consecutive challenging exams, each one with significantly increased level of difficulty however with enormous support, help and guidance of Filip, this entire process was efficient and effective.

Highly recommended all across the board.
Jakub Trzetrzelewski
Enterprise Business Architect / Project Manager
If you think of taking OCUP2 exam, choose Filip as your trainer!
It was my second time (certificate renewal after 8 years) and, believe me, the former preparation path (studying on my own) cannot even be compared.

This course is truly helpful and Filip’s knowledge is impressive. I loved how Filip stayed focused on goal during the whole training, respected breaks and training hours.

One of the best trainings in my 10-year IT career.
Anna Spychaj
Anna Spychaj
Senior Analyst
Filip was the one who finally made me understand UML.

I took part in an exam preparation course and was able to successfully pass the exam almost a year after the course. He knows how to turn a theoretical course into practical modelling tips.

I higly recommend Filip. Thank you! :)
Aleksandra Pająk
Aleksandra Pająk
Business and System Analyst & Product Owner

Course contents

Module 1. Why We Model

  • The Value Of Modeling
  • When Do I Model? When Don't I Model? How Do I Model?
  • Abstraction
  • MDA
  • Domain Model
  • Model Value Analysis
  • Introduction to UML

Module 2. Activity Diagram

  • Behaviors
  • Events
  • Activities
  • Control Nodes
  • Object Nodes
  • Executable Nodes
  • Actions

Module 3. Use Case Diagram

  • Use Cases

Module 4. Class, Object and Package Diagrams

  • Abstract Syntax
  • Common Structure
  • Namespaces
  • Types and Multiplicity
  • Constraints
  • Dependencies
  • Values, Literals, Expressions
  • Classifiers
  • Features
  • Properties
  • Operations
  • Instances
  • Data Types
  • Classes
  • Associations
  • Packages

Module 5. Sequence Diagram

  • Summary
  • Interactions
  • Lifelines
  • Messages
  • Occurrences
  • Fragments
  • Sequence Diagrams

Module 6. State Machine Diagram

  • Behavior State Machine

Module 7. Mock Exam

  • contains all questions from previous sections

Who is this course for?

Any individual working as

  • a business or system analyst,
  • a developer,
  • a software architect,
  • a system engineer,
  • a tester,
  • and anyone else interested in successful and effective preparation for the OMG UML 2 (OCUP 2) Foundation exam

Who is this course not for?

  • anyone who has enough free time (2-3 months) to prepare for the exam on their own, collect materials, read books and articles specified in the exam scope and is able to predict what questions one can expect on the exam