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OMG Unified Modeling Language 2 (UML 2) Certifications

Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a standardized visual language used in software engineering to specify, design, and document software systems.

UML provides a set of graphical notations that enables software developers, analysts or architects to represent various aspects of a system, including its structure, behavior, and interactions. UML diagrams serve as blueprints for software development, facilitating communication among stakeholders by offering a common, precise language for representing complex system designs.

OMG UML 2 certifications are the official proof of competence in analysis and modeling using UML. Successful completion of the certification enhances career prospects in various industries, including software engineering, system architecture, business analysis and project management.

There are three levels of UML 2 exams: Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced.

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OMG UML 2 Exams Change Log

Update Date: May 2024

  • Change: OMG announces Accredited Training Provider program to ensure candidates receive the highest quality training as they prepare for their OMG certification exams.
  • List of OMG-accredited training providers:
  • Impact: Candidates taking any OMG exam.

Update Date: March 2024

  • Change: UML 2 Intermediate exam available in Japanese.
  • Impact: Candidates taking the UML 2 Intermediate exam.

Update Date: December 2023

  • Change: UML 2 Foundation exam available in Japanese.
  • Impact: Candidates taking the UML 2 Foundation exam.

Update Date: November 2023

  • Change: Activation of Credly Talent Directory
  • Impact: Any candidate with a Credly OMG digital badge can make their credentials publicly visible.

Update Date: February 2022

  • Change: Transition to digital badges/certificates issued via Credly
  • Impact: All Candidates who pass their UML 2 exams are immediately issued a digital badge.

Update Date: July 2017

  • Announcement: UML 2 Advanced exam published, available in English

Update Date: June 2016

  • Announcement: UML 2 Intermediate exam published, available in English

Update Date: April 2014

  • Announcement: UML 2 Foundation exam published, available in English