Enterprise Architect tips and tricks

Filip Stachecki

2 min

Have you been using Enterprise Architect for a while? Do you sometimes think it's impossible to do something in this tool? Maybe you haven't tried hard enough? :)

Let me show some tips and tricks related to UML / SysML modelling using Enterprise Architect.

All examples were created using Enterprise Architect version 16.1.

Sequence diagrams

Reordering messages

If you want to reorder messages e.g. move m2 before m1:

You can (as the tool tip suggests) either press Alt key while reordering messages or set one option on the ribbon.

Docking combined fragments

If you want your combined fragment (e.g. loop) to be docked to messages - there is a magic button.

SysML activity diagrams

In SysML control flows should use dashed arrows. To enable this notation you need to tick "Dashed line for Control Flow checkbox.